Town History

A picturesque fishing out port community located along a rugged coastline, on the largest offshore Island in Newfoundland, called Fogo Island. Located  on the Northeast coast, the Island is 25km long and 14km wide. Built upon the cod fishery,  strong community, cultural, and traditional values, life here is still tied to the sea.  These values preserved mostly to the isolation for so long from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

A Joe Batt's Arm is the largest of 11 communities on the Island. It is a town rich in traditions and culture, and people who will make you feel like you have known them all your life, sharing their stories while embracing a good cup of Tetley tea.

Origin of Name: Legend has it that the name of the community comes from the first European settler, possibly a deserter of Captain James Cook in the early 1750s. The community is shaped as an inlet and in those days it was called an 'Arm'. The deserter - Joseph Batt settled here and the locals like him so much that they gave it the name Joe Batt's Arm.

Settlement: Early European settlers were attracted to this northeast corner of Fogo Island in the mid 1700s to fish for inshore cod, and later to participate to in the seal and Labrador fishery.

Population: 1,028 (includes Barr'd Islands and Shoal Bay - 1996), Protestant, Catholic.

Employment: Fishing, service industries and various trades are the main industries in the local economy.

Interesting Facts*:*Source of some information was obtained from Central Newfoundland Tourism